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Thor #144

Thor (1966) #144

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  • Format: Comic
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Grantosium member

Puzzled that this issue seems to be getting praise in the comments section. It feels to me like Thor (the comic, not necessarily the character) is hitting a low point of the last year or two here. The Enchanters don't yet seem like interesting villains to me and I found it difficult to invest my interest in the fight as a result. Reading this series in parallel with 6 or so of Marvel's other big silver age titles, Thor was one of the most interesting in 1966 and early 67, particularly benefiting from Hercules and Sif's introductions and the marginalisation of the Don Blake persona. However we are in the middle of a slew of fights (including Thor's fight against Ultimo in this same month's Avengers special) where every fight has the same dialogue about losing Mjolnir and having to get it back within 60 seconds so it can drag easily. I hope when I read past this issue that Thor was quickly returned to Asgard as that was working a lot better for him. It also doesn't help Thor that Jack Kirby's art is starting to look dated against contemporary work by Colan, Romita and Steranko in particular. I am aware it's something close to sacrilege to say anything bad about Kirby and it's not that he had gotten worse or 'lost it' but the art standard was moving on and Kirkby was not, at least not yet.

BeirutWedding member

One of my favorite Thor battles. Love the Enchanters 3. And especially I dug the Living Talisman. 

dgorhcards member

I hate spell changers. That was supposed to read Fearsome Forsung.

dgorhcards member

Stan shows his NFL fan status. Fearsome Frosting sounds a lot like the 60's Los Angeles Rams Defensive Line nickname of The Fearsome Foursomem