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Thor (1966) #223

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shaunqb member

I wish that the fight between Thor and Pluto had lasted longer. Also, it felt weird having Hercules taken out immediately and not getting a single swing against Pluto.

ddavfan member

Wow, those were the days!  Continuing my rereads of Silver and Plastic Age Marvel.  This one could epitomize the widespread mediocrity/crappiness of Plastic Age Marvel (1970-71 through 1975...).  To think, they printed 405,000 copies of this typical Gerry "I write 3-4 titles a month, and three of them usually suck" Conway lameness.  Mike Espisito's inks really degrade John Buscema's pencils in this series.  I don't mean to be a downer, as I am a tried and true Marvelite, but for the historical record, it was sadly typical how in the plastic age, a story with Thor, Herc, descent into Hell, and a fight vs. Pluto as story elements could still end up cliché-ridden, casual, hackneyed, and trite.  If Thor and Herc seem bored DOING this "adventure," how do they expect a reader to take it?  Yawn.  Too many stories for Conway in the 'seventies, vs. his limited imagination and dialog sensibilities.