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Image Featuring Jack Kirby

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #2

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The Story
How can the X-Men catch an enemy who can be anywhere they aren't? Trouble appears when the Vanisher's on the loose!
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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Eightbitshik member

It's was a different time back then


Wrong description for this issue Marvel

gwines member

#2 - 11/10/1963: ***; read 9/27/2014; How can the X-Men catch an enemy who can be anywhere they aren't? Trouble appears when the Vanisher's on the loose!; the Vanisher can vanish by teleporting himself to another location; reference to Sadie Hawkins Day, Ed Sullivan show; Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters; FBI special agent Fred Duncan - ally of the X-Men; Professor X defeats the Vanisher by making him forget who he is

aangita member

Prof X is mean.. and that was a sinister way of defeating a villain. He had no restraint on wiping everyone's mind. The Xmen seem so very weak (and stupid) for such powerful beings, but I suppose that is to make them fallible so they can grow in the future. 

JackStamper member

Well that was...something. Early X-Men, so they haven't quite found their format yet. A little "celebreties like the Avengers", a little "why do they keep their identities a secret like Spider-Man", good ties to the government, all this feels a bit wrong for them, considering their later history. The two main flaws of the story are of course the more laughable villain (Here's an idea, US government. If he announces to steal the plans - make fake ones. And guard one of them heavily, while locking the real ones up somewhere. Don't have them ready to transport in a bag. Also: What did the Vanisher need goons for? And why are they waiting on the White House lawn? He can't make all of them vanish at once, can he?) and the morally atrocious solution of: Let's mindwipe him. Oh, and it's very nice of all the crooks to not tell anyone, Charles Xavier declared himself a mutant...

Not the best story, but Stan and Co were still looking for their direction with the team.