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Image Featuring Jack Kirby

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #3

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The Story
Introducing the Blob! The X-Men's first try for a new recruit turns the mansion into a circus!
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
Cover Information

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If anything the X-Men threatened Blob in such a way that he felt he had to defend himself. The worst thing he did before the X-Men's aggression was get too ha day with Jean...better him than the Professor I suppose.

gwines member

#3 - 1/10/1964: ***; read 9/28/2014; Introducing the Blob! The X-Men's first try for a new recruit turns the mansion into a circus!; the Blob can't be moved when he places himself on a spot, and he has an unbreakable grip; Professor X is in love with Jean Grey; reference to "Bonanza"

rdavidson1911 member

I think this issue is what made x - men so popular.

GofT member

Apparently the X-men are equivalent to the mafia. seriously, this issue makes them seem like horrible people.

rodolfofariasjr member

I wonder when they'll start referring to Cyclops' energy blasts as optic blasts. Also, that gorilla looked much more like Sasquatch! haha

aangita member

[spoiler alert]

my thought while reading this:

-What!? Prof X is gross-- isnt Jean a teenager? Also, why cant you wipe his mind where you sit. Why must he go to the lab? Did he not JUST do that to a large group of people last issue. I cry foul!

-Why doesn't he just GO to the carnival, he has a jet! No need to bring blob back to the mansion. Exactly how close does he have to be? 

-He just LOOOOOVES brain wiping people... hmph.

- WAIT! He was like 5 min from the carnival, he could have just wen there himself and wiped Blob's brain. Why is this carnival mob more difficult than the band of hoods? smh... 

-WHAT!?! Beast's monologue on the tightrope.. lol, what??

-What kind of idiots leave their captees alone? 

-Humm... so you wipe their minds BUT they are still in the mansion? Is Prof X going to do this to all the enemies? 

-At this point-- he runs a bunch of misfits. I'd prob say no too {to his offer}.

calecp01 member

Wow - Prof X goes full on pedophile in this issue, lusting after a teenage Jean... and then claims he can never reveal his feelings for her because he's in a wheelchair. No, really, that happened.

fivepan member

I think Prof X performed a mind meld on the Blob two years before the first Star Trek.  "My thoughts to your thoughts..."