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Image Featuring Jack Kirby

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #9

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The Story
Where the lethal Lucifer lurks, he must face...the Avengers! But defeating him could destroy the world, so the X-Men must defeat the Avengers instead!
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

This...okay. This has to be read to be believed.

Showing the man who crippled Professor X was...well, first of all unnecessary (why not have it be an accident, a disease, or...have him be like that from the start?), but if you're doing it, it should be a great event. And the enemy they used...couldn't have been blander, than his name suggested: Lucifer. Some masked man, who claims he's all that clever, because he can build some gadgets. And who spends half of the issue unconscious.

Professor X tells the X-Men, he's in the Balkans, searching for the man who's crippling him, and he doesn't want their help at first because...because. He does however wants them ready to attack, once he's dead or similar, so he's leading them straight into Yugoslav...erm...Bavaria. Because that's not even close to the Balkans (Maybe he meant the Alps?).

While Professor X gets captured by Lucifer, who at least was clever enough to link a continent shattering bomb to his heartbeat, the X-Men meet Thor, who brought the Avengers here, because his hammer felt something evil. Of course. The Avengers probably learnt their lesson from not believing Giant-Man, when he told them, his ants felt something, when he said that. The Avengers, and especially Thor decide, that the evil here has to be destroyed completely. Which is just one more desperate cry "He really is that good a villain, honestly", and feels incredibly silly. But it sets up the fight with the X.Men, since they have to get the Avengers from killing the villain they have never heard about because a magic hammer spoke to them, or else his bomb might destroy europe.

...if I didn't know anybody, I'd say this story is silly.

Professor X then takes out Lucifer. Quite easily, I might add. He breaks up the fight above and calls the X-Men down. Then he locates the fuse and tells Cyclops to destroy it, guarding his laser beam with his words. Of course, a laser moves at the speed of light, so Cyclops should have reached the bottom of that bomb just by starting the laser, and the whole "deeper, deeper, 2 degrees to the right" is really pointless. But the best thing is, Prof X looses control about Lucifer during the task, so he...erm...slowed his heartbeat down? The bomb is activated, but only glows, until Prof X gets control over Lucifer back, and everything is fine again. Better yet: Professor X has a long, drawn out dialogue about what happens, if he doesn't concentrate at the task at hand. Which of course should've distracted him all the more.

And then they let him go. Because they'll never harm a human. Erm...you guys are idiots. You don't want to harm humans? Ok, put handcuffs on him and hand him over to the police. He still tried to kill millions of people. And all because...


...what did Lucifer try to accomplish, in the first place?

aangita member

[spoiler alert]

[my thoughts while reading]

- I've never heard of this Lucifer in my life-- very exciting! 

- Giant Man--- who!?

- Thor is the leader of the Avengers? Captian America seems to take the cake in the new movies. 

- Man... I  still cant get over how mean Prox X is. 

- I mean.. shouldn't they at least lock him up? Isn't he, like, super evil!?

charlieboy16 member

@aangita  I did laugh at the previous comment about Giant Man - who? When people watch the films they should really check out the ORIGINAL source. Giant Man was a major character in the Marvel universe, and an original Avenger - along with the Wasp. Went through many guises, Ant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket. Cap was not an original member and the leadership used to rotate at one point. Marvel films and tv series are much like James Bond, nothing like the original books and comics. I saw an old tv episode of the Hulk, I could not watch it. So far removed from original. David Banner? Who? I would imagine the younger readership out there had no idea about these X-Men and are thinking 'where is Wolverine?'

JackStamper member

@charlieboy16 @aangita He's named David Banner there, because the TV-Guys thought Bruce sounds too gay. But anyway: I don't think people SHOULD read these origins. In the end, the movies take place in an alternate universe. It'd be a nice journey to read about these characters fgrom their starting point...but let's be honest, that implies reading up every story about them from the start, and you can't do that anymore, especially not for EVERY character in the Avengers.

micah226 member

all I get after the comic loads is a black screen I can switch betweem pages but it's just black. I even tried reading offline and downloaded it still the same


Plot descriptions are still wrong. Describing previous book plot. Please fix.

Gildren member

the plot descriptions are one book off, describing the plot of the previous book


How do I switch back to the original way to read the comics?

JackStamper member

@Iceman22551 Go to your account settings, one option there switches between the new and old reader.