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Black Panther (1998) #1

Black Panther (1998) #1

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The Story
T’Challa allows refugees from a border skirmish into Wakanda, spurring civil unrest! Black Panther must leave it all behind to travel to New York City! There’s a Tomorrow Fund scandal that needs investigating!
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  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.50
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joeschena member

This run is off to an excellent start! Great mix of humor, action, and addicting story.

Gsp1186 plus member

I think the errors may be resolved. I read on both my phone and tablet and did not notice anything. Great first issue that kicks off a thrilling arc filled with humor action and heart.

horrorfreak3 member

great artwork. As for everyone complaining about the issue's error's im reading on my laptop and the issue loaded fine with no errors at all.

Masokur member

@horrorfreak3 looks like they must have done something to correct the loading problem. The issue is now properly loading all pages for me on the Android app, but this wasn't the case 5 months ago. Bit of a long turnaround time for resolution, but at least it's working now.

rafera member

Same problem here

zabadu member

Would love to read this! Please fix this issue - I don't want to read the series without starting on the first issue!


Like other users, I'm unable to access this issue.  Won't load at all on my iPad, and I get about 5 pages on my Mac.  


WON't load on the ipad app. Gets about 20% downloaded then gives a "expected statUs code in (200-299), got 404" error. A further message claims nO internet connection, but other issues load fine.

Also Can only post in all caps via Ipad.


Apparently all caps Is jusT a preview as the above posted with mostly lower case. Still not ideal.

ajc99 member

Only first three pages are appearing on my computer. Tried 1 page, 2 page and smart panel

Masokur member

@ajc99 Likewise. On the desktop I can only load the first 3 pages (not including the cover). On the Android app, pages 5 through 9 are missing / blank, however the rest of the issue loads fine there. I've tried killing the app, re-installing it, removing and re-adding the issue to the Library and Read Offline list, all to no avail. 

thomttran member

This issue keeps crashing on my iPad, but works fine on my computer. #mubug