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Fantastic Four (1961) #28 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #28

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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The real treasure of this particular issue is watching the FF and Xmen exchanging niceties as if catching up on old times. It helps to build the quickly growing superhero community in the marvel universe, but unfortunately lasts only about as long as it took to read this. Instead you get some repetitive fight sequences and the return of the semi interesting puppet master, the irrelevant mad thinker, and the I-completely-forgot-you-existed android. The pace is particularly slow in this one and the story has enough holes that you can call it Swiss cheese. Even though the idea of a villain who can predict everything sounds pretty damn cool, two things keep it from being that. First, predicting the exact second when someone will come through the door, while impressive, isn't exactly what I would consider villainy. Second, he can't predict everything as he claims to. Also, Lee seemed to miss a good opportunity to have the Puppet Master and Alicia interact in this one, seeing as how they haven't since their debut issue. It would've added a much more interesting angle than just Professor X getting mind controlled. It's not all bad though. Watching the Xmen and FF go toe to toe with each other for the first time is pretty exciting, and the story does manage to wrap itself up pretty nicely. 6/10 (Slightly above average, because after all it is the Xmen)

gwines member

#28 - 7/10/1964: ****; read 10/18/2014; The Mad Thinker joins with Puppet Master to create a radioactive puppet of Professor X, so that the X-Men can be tricked into defeating the Fantastic Four.; The Awesome Android; reference to Strange Tales #120, John Paul Jones, Noah Webster

JackStamper member

The first meeting of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, not counting the one between the Torch and Iceman. And boy, is this full of the sixties blind obedience towards authority figures...

Prof X: "Attack the Fantastic Four?" X-Men: "Why?" Prof X: "They're evil." X-Men: "Really?" Prof X: "It's also an order." X-Men: "Oh, in that case..."

The Angels apology at the end, they were just following orders was particularly cringe-inducing...

That aside nice Team-Up Story for both the heroes and the villains, although the Mad Thinkers reputation is slowly declining. He obviously can't predict everything, like he always says...and he very much knows it himself, or he wouldn't have contingency-plans.

Not quite finished is the characterization of the X-Men as Outsiders and feared by the public. Reed Richards has a lot of faith into the team, saying, they have always fought for good, without mentioning even once that the public may think otherwise. It would've been easy to use this plot to make the FF think the X-Men are really evil, but at most they were just bewildered, asking themselves, why they would attack them. Were this story written two years later, Stan would probably make them more hostile towards each other.

One last thing: At the beginning, the FF try to promote the X-Men by listing all the villains they have defeated. They name: Magneto, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Toad, Matsermind (the Brotherhood of evil mutants, in other words, with Magneto attacking once alone), the Blob (whose attack was a secret and mindwiped from all involved) and the Space Phantom...who never attacked the X-Men. The Space Phantom attacked the AVENGERS in Avengers #2. It was the VANISHER who attacked the X-Men in their #2. To be fair, their powers could be interpreted as being somewhat similar (both vanish from danger instead of fighting it, the Space Phantom just takes the place of another person, while the Vanisher simply teleports), but most likely: They simply both were utterly forgettable villains. So...yeah, on the X-Mens villain list we have one team, one person, who nobody should know about, and one character, even the FF mistook for someone else. This is not that impressive.