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Fantastic Four (1961) #29 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #29

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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gwines member

#29 - 8/10/1964: ****; read 11/1/2014; "It Started On Yancy Street!"; The Red Ghost and his Super-Apes kidnap the F.F. and transport them to the moon to strand them there. The Fantastic Four visit The Watcher's home.; reference to Spider-Man, The Avengers, Pearl Harbor, The Hulk, Jayne Mansfield, Rock Hudson, Blue Cross, Bela Lugosi, King Kong, Miss America contest, Tales of Suspense, "Reader's Digest", the Hilton

JackStamper member

The setup is pretty epic, for a moment I thought, I'm finally at the issue, where Galactus is first hinted...but no, it's just the Red Ghost. Well...pretty nice, I guess.

Still a nice fight, although the Ghost having to get solid in Sues force field is very Deus Ex machina (Sue, you're not getting solid within the forcefield, you're getting visible, big difference!). Also: You gotta love the Watcher poking holes in his non-interference. "Yes yes, I can't help you, but you can use all my vastly powerful stuff if you wish to. Also, the moment you've beaten the Red Ghost, I will decide to return home and throw you back home. It has nothing to do with the fact that you can't get home, no."

Brentp256 member

Amazing Kirby art on this issue...some of his best!  (Well, except the final page, which you can tell was rushed.)  Great stuff!  Seeing it in the cleaned-up digital format is amazing!