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Fantastic Four (1961) #31 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #31

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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gwines member

#31 - 10/10/1964; ****; read 1/3/2015; "The Mad Menace of the Macabre Mole Man!"; See: the frantic F.F. as they dare to defy the mighty Avengers!; See: the mysterious stranger in the life of Sue Storm!; Mr. Storm, Sue and Johnny's Dad, a surgeon, escapes from prison and saves her in the end; reference to Walter Cronkite, The Hulk

JackStamper member

Well, this story obviously has a focus-problem. The threat of the Mole Man, though occupying most of the book, seems kinda phoned in...as if Stan just needed some villain to appear, so he went to his plan for every day. Step 1: Mole Man, with the usual plan. Step 2: Sue is hostage. Step 3: Reed Richards invents stuff. Step 4: The Mole Mans machines are destroyed. Notice, how the Mole Man actually stops appearing, after he shoots the Torch with his Zeta-Rays. He was only a distracting element!

No, the real story is the one about Mr. Storm, the father of Sue and Johnny. And quite frankly: Nowadays his arrival would be the subject of the whole issue. It's by far the most interesting aspect of the story, and it would've been great, if they had actually developed the moral dilemma for him, whether he should go and save his daughter, knowing he'll get captured again.

One more thing about the Mole Man. He steals whole building blocks by...pushing a lever and making it descend in his realm. Okay, let's ignore the large amounts of rock beneath it, and get to the question: Why the heck does he need a random block of New York? Before, he at least stole strategically important locations! Also: The solution to reversing the situation is...hitting reverse. The buildings get back up. So it's back at the top, but it had to be held there by the Mole Mans machines. Which they then Smash. Erm...wouldn't that send the whole block plummeting down into the abyss?

Silver Age logic...