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Fantastic Four (1961) #37 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #37

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

Urgh...the way Stan Lee writes romance is pretty much painful. So the Skrull princess is in love with a warlord, even though she pretty much hates everything about him? This...sounds more like a tragic attraction, I see nothing endearing in it. What I do like though, is that he addressed revenge as being not fulfilling...briefly in one panel, when before it was the driving force in doing something completely ridiculous just because of it.

This seemed to be an attempt of writing the Skrull-Menace away...and I have absolutely no idea, why. A whole planet full of Skrulls might be a bit too much for the FF, but up to now this was countered by them being too far away to directly attack them. This time Stan needed a way for the FF to reach the Skrull Homeworld in a reasonable amount of time, so he created one. He also needed to put all the reasons the Skrull wanted to conquer earth anyway into one person, who conveniently dies, so the Skrulls, who were once again humiliated by the FF, have no more reason to invade earth. At least their king says so. And he wouldn't lie to their sworn enemy, would he?

The story ends with the FF...being sucked to their hoime by Johnnys Nova-Flame. Okay? They certainly were creative with what his flame could do.

Overall: Unnecessary and a bit disappointing, with some very bad 60es-style love and revenge-elements. But it is imaginative, and Kirbys drawings of space simply are impressive!