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Fantastic Four (1961) #40 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #40

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

The battle goes on, and even though he is clearly outclassed, Daredevil holds his own against Doom long enough for the FF to return home. And then...well, either Stan planned this from the start and deceived us, or he somehow remembered during part 2: "Oh shoot, I already made them loose their powers and Reed developed a machine to retrieve them! Why aren't they using it again?" Here's the answer: It seems to need month to reload. And it's just finished now, with just enough power for the four of them. Well...some problems with that.

First: Why didn't Reed tell them? Isn't it way more reassuring to know: "Don't worry, it's just a temporary thing, in a few days we get them back."? 2. It seems to be ready this very day...yet they started the day with training their artificial powers. Where's the need for that, if they would get their powers back a few hours later, anyway? 3. If it just has enough power for the four of them...wouldn't that mean, in the days before, it at least had enough power for two or three? Why risk everything, if you could've at least gave Johnny and Sue their powers back, Reed?

Anyway, then comes the part about turning Ben back into the Thing, and even though he kinda missed it last issue, this time he understandably has doubts. To which Reed says: "Kibosh to that, we need your power. So we can stand back and watch YOU fight against Doom all on your own!" Which he does - and it's epic! But still...that was a bit inconsiderate, Reed. I mean, if you treat Ben like that and clearly state, you'd rather have him as the Thing right now, he just ought to go and quit. And...oh, he does. Huh. Nice move, Reed...

Anyway, epic conclusion to a great storyline, although with a few missteps along the way.