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Fantastic Four (1961) #41 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #41

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

First of all: I like the new reader, but for the second time since it's implementation, I was unable to write in the comment section (I just couldn't select the box), until I logged out and back in again. So... #mubug , maybe.

The story itself is great. The weight of his tragedy finally crushed the Thing enough to quit the team - not helped by Reed turning him back into the Thing-Form despite his objections. Sure, time was the essence last issue, but Reed stated, the world needs the Thing...so why should Ben Grimm believe, he will ever be turned back into a normal human being? Of course, in the past he already turned down one potential antidote, because he feared Alicia might not like his human form...

So, is that enough to become an enemy? No, of course they need some brainwashing. The Frightful Four are back, kidnapping Ben and turning him evil, letting him fight. But they're also fighting with each other: The still mysterious Medusa gets more confident and arrogant, starting to order the other ones around. While Trapster and Sandman are angry about this, the Wizard actually is clever and avoids an open conflict for now, and quitely programs the Thing to only obey him - he lets Medusa have her spotlight, until he has the big gun ready to get everyone back into line.

That being said, Medusa gets her share of casual 60es sexism: She looks over the captured remaining FF and fawns over Reed for a short while, before telling herself to stop these weak, feminine thoughts. Urgh...well, better than Sue: "Oh, Ben is here. And he threatens me? Oh, the strain is too much for me, I faint..." I actually thought I skipped some panels. She just hears Ben threatening her, remarks, it sounds like he means it...and faints! What the heck, Stan!

Besides this, a nice story. And, in case you haven't noticed it: We're in a multiparter here. The story directly picks up from the last issue, and it isn't resolved at the end. And it won't be resolved after next issue, either...

Suelover member

Ben Grimm betrays his friends and joins the Frightful Four. When Ben orders Sue to lower her force field or he will knock her into the middle of next week, she faints. He then attacks Reed and Johnny and defeats them. Medusa has Trapster encase Sue in a chemically treated plastic bag impervious to her force field. Wizard creates traps for Reed and Johnny. The issue ends with Ben declaring that he will finish Reed and then he will get the rest of the Fantastic Four like he should have done a long time ago! This issue is a classic!