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Fantastic Four (1961) #47 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #47

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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Stewaycol member

Wow, out of all of the 60s-sexism that existed in these comics, this might be the worst offender.

fouris member

How you fall in love with someone when you've only spoken two sentences to each other? Johnny knows nothing about this girl. All he knows is she's hot. That's it. But then again he is a teenager.

winterbehaviour member

Great story which gives some background to the Inhumans and is the first book in which the Inhumans actually refer to themselves as Inhumans but wow the sexism is really hard to ignore. On page 2 when trying to save Triton's life Reed says "I'll explain later, woman! Just do as I say!". It was an urgent situation I understsnd so a non sexist rephrasing of this line could be "I'll explain later, just hurry!" Reed chastises and tells his wife to shut up an awful lot. As on page 7 in second panel Sue: "Reed -- be careful! We're all alone here -- and his guards are all armed!" a fair point you may think but no. Reed's response is " Stop sounding like a wife, Sue! I still make the decisions for this team! A man's life may be stake!" (Don't forget that Sue was the the one who wanted to save Triton's first whilst Reed wanted to go after Dragon man). Non - sexist rephrasing: "But Sue, a man's life may be at stake!" In the sixth panel he again tells his wife to be quiet. On page 13 during the flight to The Great Refuge it is of course Sue who serves the hot chocolate. In the last panel in the page Sue laments that Reed has not been acting like a "honeymooner" towards her which seems to me imply she is too stupid to realise such a thing is not possible on a dangerous mission. She says: "Perhaps a new hairdo would make him realize I'm not one of the boys!" erm what? Because that's what women do right? Their hair. On page 15 after landing Sue is nowhere to be seen. She has the power of invisablity remember. But apparently is not allowed to use it unauthorised. Ben says her hair will look great when she's out flying on her broomstick. Calling her a witch basically. Male equivalent insult? No? That's sexism. But most shocking of is Reed's reaction to this stunt on page 16: "We'll discuss this later, young lady!" Whoa, hang on this is his WIFE remember and he has just told her off like a naughty child!! Another thing Sue never seems to be able to figure out when to use her force field herself she always has to be told when you use it, as in page 18 when they are falling to their DEATHS Johnny tells her to use her force field quick but Sue says "I'm already using it, Johnny! Reed told me to form a cushion with it!" In the next panel when they land Johnny says "..Whew!.. He sure told you good, sis!" So... if Reed hadn't told her to do that she'd have been too stupid to and would have let them all die?? I know it was the 1960s and I'm glad some things have changed. Some things.

davidspofforth member

Not in any way excusing the sexism, but I just had a thought about Sue's new hairstyle. It does make her look a lot like Elizabeth Montgomery from the 60's hit comedy "Bewitched". Maybe Stan picked up on that and so gave Ben the broomstick joke?

fouris member

Sue is constantly letting her Betty 60s female problems and feelings get in the way of the mission. They're trying to locate the Inhuman's home and all she can think about is her husband seeing her a woman! Who the hell cares! Work it out in marriage counseling! We're trying to save the world! But you gotta understand it's the sixties. If you want more equality stick the modern comics.