Ultimate Fantastic Four (2003) #42

Ultimate Fantastic Four (2003) #42

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The Story
“SILVER SURFER” PART 1 (OF 5) Reed Richards’ attempts to create a Cosmic Cube have caused him to pierce the barriers of a hundred universes. And falling through the opening into our unsuspecting reality is the keeper of the Power Cosmic—Ultimate Silver Surfer! ’Nuff said! 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99
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  • Imprint: Ultimate
  • Rating: A
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • UPC: 5960605499-04211
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Widowmaker-EATTJ member

still missing text. The fact that its been months without a fix is just bad bad bad service


is the text supposed to be missing from 90% of the speech bubbles? (this has happened in a few other comics i've tried to read as well, assumed it was some weird new styling choice until this whole comic was devoid of speech.) please fix it!


It's been at least 3 months since the problem was reported in comments. I love this service, but it kind of defeats the purpose when comics aren't readable.

tezlok member

come on, Marvel. Fix this

the331st member

speech bubbles missing text

brewc member

Missing text in speech bubbles as reported


Several pages missing speech bubble texts!!

Gilks member

Just want to add to what the others have said, to show this is a issue we are all having. No text on many of the pages. It's one thing "Smart" panel cuts off massive amount of the images and often cuts out text but no text at all it impossible to handle. 

Soratu member

Yeah, probably 90% of the text is missing. Its already annoying the art style changes every 3-5 issues, but I'm not gonna put up with missing text. I guess I will put this series on hold until this is fixed. 

Loqi member

This issue has something wrong with it. About half of it just has the words missing from the speech bubbles.