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Uncanny X-Men (1963) #165

Digital Issue Read online or on your iPhone, iPad or Android Device ?

Digital Issue: $1.99


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Print Issue Limited Availability

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Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: Free
Cover Information

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Bandepapa member

it now works on PCs not on ipad FYI

Scottmacd5 member

@Bandepapa It finally worked for me too!  It errored out a few times first but after reloading it a couple times it worked.  I'd still like to see a fix for the iOS apps, but I'm just happy I finally got to read it.

Bandepapa member

@Scottmacd5 I own it and have read it many times, but I use Marvel Unlimited b/c I have limit space and comic box storage is two boxes deep.  That book is way in the back and I am getting old.

NCWriterGuy member

Wow.. Marvel has finally made a little progress. I can now see the page count and flip through them... but no images ever load, so the issue is still not resolved.

NCWriterGuy member

Wow. More than 3 months of error reporting and no fix? #ShameOnMarvel

DonCthulhuote member

This is probably the fifth dud like this I've found. That's fine, but it seems that you're just ignoring the reports, instead of fixing it. Alternatively, there's so many errors that you can't get around to fixing this one, which could point out worse problems...

Scottmacd5 member

I've also been trying to get this one for months.  It won't load on computer and causes the mobile app on both iPhone and iPad to crash.  It's really kind of annoying especially considering I reported the bug to support when I first encountered the problem months ago.

NCWriterGuy member

Reported to Marvel 3 times over the course of 2 1/2 months and it STILL is not resolved. Last I heard, it was being pushed to their development team to research. However, no further response has been provided. Incredibly disappointing customer service.

ricreade member

Still not loading.

NCWriterGuy member

I reported this again to Marvel and have still received no response.

iomere member

I check back here every Monday hoping that this issue gets fixed.  It's getting mighty old.

NCWriterGuy member

I've reported this error twice to Marvel and have received no response.

NCWriterGuy member

I emailed Marveldigital@sunbeltfs.com to inform them of the problem and they forwarded my issue to the "online support team for further review or action, if appropriate." If others are still having problems, I suggest they email the same address so they realize it's not an isolated incident.

Tarmyn member

Does any of the responcibile persons read the comments? I'd like to read the comic but it does not load as several of the other readers here already pointed out. Sad thing...

Brock_Slaughter member

This needs to be fixed. It's not loading and it's in the middle of a story arch very annoying.


Won't load.

I wish I could recommend Marvel Unlimited to my friends but the amount of bugs is inexcusable.

Zappo1980 member

Stuck at "loading". #muBug