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Ultimate X-Men (2000) #53

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The Story
PART 4 (OF 4)
The climactic fourth and final part of the Fenris Twins storyline! When the X-Men arrive at the Empire State Building to take down the Fenris folks, it leads to a big rematch between Gambit and Wolverine! Plus, what decision does Rogue make that will affect her budding relationship with Bobby Drake, Iceman? Don't miss it.
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Ultimate
  • Rating: T
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.25
  • UPC: 5960605047-05311
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El_Wray88 member

Man, doing an Ultimate Comics run from beginning to end. It's like only Bendis and Millar ever truly got Ultimate. Hickman did great too but didn't write enough like the other two. Vaughan just feels weird, he realigned the character a lot closer to the mainstream X-Men and they don't sound or look like the characters Millar and Bendis were writing. Meh, not Jeph Loeb bad but not Bendis great or even Millar powerful (I hesitate to use the word great but his work does have a charge to it).