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Journey Into Mystery Annual (1965) #1

Journey Into Mystery Annual (1965) #1

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  • Format: Comic
  • Price: Free
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JackStamper member

so, according to Jacks drawings, Asgard has a shopping mall? That's neat.

This is the first meeting of Thor and Hercules, and...it's hard to place it in the timeline. Thor is casually travelling the country with Loki, so it must be a bit before the main story started, seeing as Loki only ever appeared as a villain since, and Thor certainly would be vary of travelling with him. Anyway, Thor accidentally stumbles to Olympus, we have a brief look around, and then Thor and Hercules get onto each others respective wrong foot, since both are too stubborn/arrogant to make room for the other. They fight...well, have a quarrel, no one wants to really injure the other, they just want to impress each other with their strength. No one is able to really put the other one at a disadvantage, until Zeus appears and says: "Easy boys, let's say you both won." Zeus sends Thor back home and seals the entrance, but Thor thinks of returning some day. A nice, easy story, a small window into a new world, and an interesting new character. Too sad we'll probably never hear of Hercules again...

calecp01 member

Actually published Oct 1965 #MUBug

kdunlop member

Since the other stories are reprints I think they're only posting the new one.

johndbenjamin member

When I open this, it's only 18 pages. The cover says it should be 72. Please fix.

JackStamper member

@johndbenjamin 18 original pages, the rest are reprints, you can find in their respective original comics. To be more precise: Journey into mystery #85, #93, #95 und #97