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Fantastic Four (1998) #46 Cover

Fantastic Four (1998) #46

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: Free
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After I read this issue, I remembered how the Marvel people were pushing this issue by promoting the death of the Surfer. Seems kind if underwhelming in hind sight. One small panel and that was it. Just a smidgen better than doing it off panel.


Seems like a weird comment for a comic 15 years old. Personally, I find most art from the Quesada/Jemas era to be superior to contemporary Marvel's output. Also, I believe this issue was penciled by Jeff Johnson.

Gildog member

UM............with all due respect to Mr. Pacheco, and NOT to be rude, but...........what is with the TERRIBLE artwork on FF # 46?  I mean, aren't there ANY artists who have studied Kirby, Ditko, Perez, Byrne, Wood, Windsor-Smith, and others of the like? GOSH! It's like it was drawn for 4th Graders! Is it that A) Marvel can't find any good artists anymore? or B) Marvel doesn't pay much anymore and REAL artist stay away? WHATEVER the reason, MARVEL.........COME ON!! Get some GOOD Artists already!!  :O