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Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) #1

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  • Format: Comic
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This comic is out of order chronologically. Please change publication date.

Grinnar member

Weird Jameson's last statement in the comic. Turns out he opposed the SRA.

pgw78 member

"Oh no! I've lost my powers and six supervillains are trying to lire me into a trap! Oh, look! It's every super hero in NYC. They far outnumber my enemies, and have way more power. Everywhere I turn, I bump into another one. And, hey, the Human Torch wants to help. But I can't let any of that distract me now. No time for that. I have to figure out how I can possibly face all these villains!" It's a fun story, but the constant cameos really make Spidey look foolish. The three page story about how Stan Lee and Steve Ditko work to create a Spider-Man story is pretty good, too. A lot of good natured jokes at Stan's expense, and a mention of Jack Kirby!

Elrast plus member

This issue is great. Ditko's art was amazing and the story was excellent.

JackStamper member

Wow...what can you say about this issue? One of the all-time bests for Spider-Man! Excluding the Goblin and the Chameleon this story has all of Spideys best foes teaming up (or getting in line) for a fight with him. Even though it's obviously a bit faster paced than usual, each foe gets several pages, no one is offed in one page. Doc Ock gets the most screen time, since he obviously was the biggest threat of them all, and just about every Marvel-Hero safe for Daredevil has a cameo in this story.

Other thoughts: Doc Ock let's everyone pick the order, in which they fight him...and yet, the cards also have the best fighting spot for them? Either he fixed the draw (quite possible, seeing as he got the last fight), or this was a little mistake from Stan.

The little featurette at the end about Lee und Ditko clearly was meant in fun...but, as history showed, it kinda seemed to be more true than they let on.

All in all: Great all-time classic.

thektulu7 member

@JackStamper I thought the cards they drew picked the order of the fights, and there were separate cards with the various locations. Maybe I misread it, but that was my understanding.

JackStamper member

@thektulu7 @JackStamper As far as I remember (won't load the page right now, bad connection), he makes them draw the order, and says the spot they'll fight on have their fighting spot on the backside. It would make no sense drawing their arenas as well, since every arena is specially suited for themselves and not the others...heck, Mysterio already put his machines into his place!

calecp01 member

Actually published in Oct of 1964