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Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #545

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Print Issue Limited Availability

The Story
CIVIL WAR TIE-IN! Spider-Man's about to embark on what very well might be the most important offensive of the Civil War that's rocking the Marvel Universe.
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 5960604716-54511
Cover Information

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Heklr member

Seems like they wrote themselves into a corner and had to find a way out.

dave702 member

Years later and this is still just a terrible comic. Brand New Day and all the stuff Dan Slott has done since has been great, but I hate that they had to undo the marriage like this to get to the good stuff.


I'm sorry but that might be the dumbest incident in comics ever. The writers just ruptured the biggest couple in all of comics. I'm sorry but rupturing forty years like that when everyone was so invested with Mary Jane and Pete, it's just awful. The death of Gwen Stacy was great because it added this new froth to Pete but this, this is just stupid.

thejbiddy member

This issue gave me chills. Shows how successful the Spidey team has been in investing us in the characters.


After reading this issue .. I went running to check my Spider-man collection ... But Peter and Mary Jane were still married. :P That fact can never be erased from our classic collections... Sorry Mephisto.


Oh my God! What have they been thinking to create this s...All stories between Mary Jane and Peter! Pschiiiitt! No More! How can they erase 40 years of comics? What do Stan Lee think about it?

calecp01 member

@elexiakeenan Just read the book to find out what Stan Lee think about it (sic), he's quoted at the end: "there's nothing difficult about praising the terrific job that Joe Straczynski has done in his truly unforgettable eight-year run of Spider-Man scripting."


damn...mephisto true evil


I think I lost a little piece of my soul after reading this chapter.


Ha ha, retcons...This folks is how you DON'T do a retcon and OMIT only made it worse. I am not Linkara but 1+ for Brand New Day and -10,000 for the implied death of Mary Jane and Peter daughter in the new timeline.(If Dr. Strange could make everyone forget he was Spiderman what the hell was the point of all this? He should've done this sooner.)