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Iron Man Annual (1976) #5

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Digital Issue not currently available

Digital issue not currently available

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Print Issue Limited Availability

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  • Format: Comic
  • Price: Free
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Btw folks, the issue to which I was referring to in the previous post (incase it doesn't show up on this page) is The Invincible Ironman King Size Annual #5 (the issue that began my comic book collecting craze) which depicts ironman, the black panther, eric killmonger and madam slay on the front cover. Nuff said.


This is it! This is the comic book that started it all for me! This was the issue that was casually handed to me by my cousin one Wednesday night as I was walking out after Wednesday night youth church service as a 12 yr old kid. I said: Hey whats that you've got there, cuz? (referring to the rolled-up comic he hand clutched in his right hand) to which he non-nonchalantly remarked: "oh, this? Just a comic I was reading while passing time....here, you want it? I'm done reading it." and he handed it to me.... unknowingly setting into motion an addiction in me that has not left to this day! This comic captured my imagination like no other and made me an irrevocably hooked fan of both Ironman and THE BLACK PANTHER! It was the first page after opening the cover that did it for me! Those first few panels of the Black Panther swooping down out of the jungle trees and those words: "To transcend the man, become the cat!" It DID something to me! My brain lit up like a million Christmas tree lights hooked up to a 220 outlet! I've never been the same since!.... and now, FINALLY! After all these years of waiting patiently, I find this..... www.superherohype.com/news/articles/1140... and it THRILLS me to my very soul! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS ON THE BIG SCREEN! Make Mine Marvel!