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Classic X-Men #12

Classic X-Men (1986) #12

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  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $1.00
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pgw78 member

This series is actually pretty cool. It reprints major stories from early in Clairemont's run, but with a short supplemental story that explores an event in the backstory only hinted at elsewhere. The version we get here skips the reprint (why bother duplicating a back issue when it's already in the MU archive?) and just gives you the ~13 pages of new material. Where else could Clairemont go back to show us Lilandra's side of her first contact with Xavier, and what led her to make her desperate run to Earth? It's a good story, but there isn't space or context for it in another series. I don't know if Marvel did this with any other book. I don't think so. Given the current focus on the Marvel Now reboot, I doubt they'd do it again. It's a shame. Digital mini-comics make for an ideal medium for stories like this.