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Avengers Annual (1967) #1

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  • Format: Comic
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da_skeptic member

I absolutely can't stand it when a comic sacrifices the story for cheap character interactions... It rarely works well and ultimately makes everyone look bad; starting with Captain America, a master strategist that comes up with the most idiotic pairings/team ups imaginable. And obviously the ploy here is that members of the Avengers and Squadron pair up with those that are either similar in ability or should converse well together. But with 15+ characters, it doesn't work at all and is not worth it. First of all, why do the characters need to split up at all? Surely it makes most sense for the flyers and Spectrum to take everyone to the Silo and then work on locating Champion and ganging up on him. And if they are going to split up... How does it make sense to pair up with a rival opposed to a team mate Instead we get Hawkeye and Heywire - weakest paired together... Go down fast All the girls together and they have no complimenting abilities Thor and Hyperion... The 2 strongest go down REALLY fast Iron Man, Whizzer and Spectrum... I don't even now how this team gets beaten... Iron Man for some reason can't even use his boot jets... Spectrum takes a punch And that team of 4 is brought down by the screaming girl... Madness And for what return do we get this... There are no brilliant interactions... Oh The Squadron Supreme miss home. We knew that already Love the idea... Horrible story

Tivis014 member

Dating is wrong #mubug