Weapon X: First Class (Gambit) (2008) #1

Weapon X: First Class (Gambit) (2008) #1

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The Story
Long before he joined the ranks of The New Avengers and the X-Men, Wolverine spent the darker half of his days as a member of the program known as Weapon X. Get ready to return back to the dark halls of the Weapon X program, where mutants are subjected to experiments against their will and anyone can become a living weapon! But just how does the Cajun mutant Gambit factor into Wolverine's dark past?
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pauldegnan moderator

Sorry about that! It's fixed now.

ericmontelibano plus member

this comic is not working! please fix?!? thank


when I try to read it it sez error!!!!!!!


Either a reprint of the short story of Gambit in Weapon X: First Class #3, or the first printing of what would become the short story of said story.