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Mystic Comics 70th Anniversary Special (2009) #1

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The Story
"I am the destroyer of evil," the haunting stranger intoned; "I've crossed the great cold into your world!" So speaks the original Vision! From a dimension beyond, comes an otherworldly force of retribution. His steely touch turns killers to ice, shattering them. His staggering gaze drives the guilty mad with terror. His unstoppable power never fails to punish the wicked! It is said only those approaching death can see him in his true form as...the Vision! One-Shot/New & Reprint/Rated A ...$3.99
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Extended credits and info
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 5960606766-00111
  • FOC Date: Aug 13, 2009
Cover Information

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In  1941 STAN LEE revealed these 2 COVER STORIES HAPPENED[ Marvel Mystery Comics # 21( 7/41 ) 6. The Story Behind The Cover   http://www.comics.org/issue/1520  & Sub-Mariner Comics # 2( Sum/41 ) 7. The Story Behind The Cover: Namor 'Blitzes' A Nazi Sub ( U-8 )  http://www.comics.org/issue/1521 ] in the TIMELY COMICS UNIVERSE----too bad these 2 COVER STORY VILLAINS[ Mystic Comics # 7( 12/41 ) Destoyer vs. Adolf Hitler's TRUNK of TERROR and its DEADLY MONSTERS( 6 seen more in Trunk ) & Black 4-armed Horned Idol( reveal a Timely Sorcerer( see Prince of Good & Roko's young "Shazam" Menalaos ) turned it into a statue )  http://www.comics.org/issue/1843   &  Marvel Mystery Comics # 12( 10/40 ) Angel vs. 4 Green Pygmies( Deviants? ) and Gold & Red ROBOT  http://www.comics.org/issue/1056 ] weren't used instead of NON-TIMELY COMICS Kalimachh[ http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix6/kalimachh.htm ]( please make this a dream of the 1940s and a monster he has yet to battle in the PRESENT DAY ).