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Captain America (2004) #14

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The Story
Cap faces down his personal demons, in a hand-to-hand battle with the Winter Soldier. But he's not just fighting for victory, he's in a struggle for the heart and soul of everything he's ever cared about, and the results will send tragic echoes throughout his life for years to come!
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • UPC: 5960605652-01411
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da_skeptic member

Every issue you think this can't possibly get better but again and again Brubaker proves otherwise. And it's not even that surprising when you consider that every panel on every page has a lot of thought put into it. Every page is there to either further develop the characters, the story, is a pay off for a progressive storyline, or is paying one off. We start with the clash that we've been waiting... Cap vs Bucky, and yes they are seriously badass. Falcon whilst getting stuff is not quite as good and has his moments of vulnerability. We then see his reunion with Sharon, which is significant when you know where this book will go post the Death of Cap era. Yes they become closer friends then in the past, but on a larger scale they're both heading from support characters in Cap's book, to major characters in their own right. The final confrontation and break down of Winter Soldier works out better than we could have possibly hoped. There's the fit, the plea, the crack in the armour, the reaffirmation of Winter Soldier's conditioning, and the break down. And the breakdown is what stole the show... Bucky's anguish and despair is palpable on the pages. The return to Camp Leigh... Well where else would he go. And finally, out comes the secret that we've all suspected. Lukin's turn to darkness is in fact an unlikely entrapment between him and the Red Skull. It makes so much sense in a ridiculous comic book kind of way. I love it. And like all good stories... One chapter ends only for a new one to begin. We're done with Winter Soldier for now but we have Bucky's redemption, Crossbones/Sin and Skull/Lukin all waiting in the wings... Not to mention the Civil War. How can you not love this?


Ending was unexpected. I never would have guessed that's how Buck got his memory back. I started reading the first arc before the movie and Winter Soldier afterwards.

Zcdearth member

The music in this series was awesome, want more in the future!

liamgater member

Why is there only 4 pages?


Epic music in the final fight! This was great!!

Sourr038 member

Sound doesn't work

Clover904 member

Works fine on iPad Air.