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Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #529

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Print Issue Limited Availability

The Story
The Road to Civil War starts here! And Spider-Man gets a new costume from Tony Stark!
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.50
  • UPC: 5960604716-52911
Cover Information
  • Not Available

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Awesome way too much of it and the rest of the best thing about the future is bright and early


Umm, like, seriously? I am viewing this sample and this is what Marvel wants to introduce a new reader about the Civil War? Stupid. I left this app because the majority comic samples give no juice to interest a newbie into wanting to purchase any story line. So the idea here is if I had no clue about this story line I would be excited because of a half dressed female? Is this the message to intice new readers? RIDICULOUS! Shameful Marvel. They can't put a sample page that has to do with Spidey and his decisions with Stark or about the War? Or his new costume? Ugghh!

Skame2020 member

The sample pages are the first three pages of the comic. It'd be ridiculous for them to choose three important pages for the thousands of comics on this app.


Dude, the membership is an introduction to comics. The service only gives old books for newbies to catch up. The preview is just showing you the app works.

chiefSpider member

he needs the "with great power.." speech again

Nikkitang member

I have to question just how 'level-headed' Peter is if he takes that kind of oath without demanding to know what Tony's talking about beforehand.

Tony's talking some heavy stuff, and jumping into something like that headfirst without getting any information is pretty irresponsible.