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Cover #12

Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012) #12

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The Story
Extra-sized final issue! * It's all come down to this! The final battle-as the world burns!
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  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 5960607748-01211
  • FOC Date: Sep 10, 2012
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This was a great read ,great writing,great art, action packed. Good stuff!

mdwebs42 member

This was definitely a fun read! Art was really nice.  I will say the story was fairly predictable though.  It is extremely similar to a recent Thor run where he took over the earth but the battles were probably better here.

Winter_Cat member

This series was epic. :) And I liked the art.


I think you both are right to an extent. both teams handled this whole ordeal horribly overall though.


Am I the only one who agreed with Cyclops? If the Avengers had just left them alone, this couldve worked out...


@Arik1987   They try to paint a picture that cyclops is an insane maniac but his right about everything. Hope can control it, new mutants ect. When the 5 had the power if they were left alone look at all the good they did (wasn't untill avengers antagonized namor stuff went bad)

JackStamper member

@hellequin41 @Arik1987 Erm...no. Hope managed to control the Phoenix after additional training from other sources. Most importantly: It took Spiderman to teach her priorities.

The Phoenix Five were too arrogant in their behavior. What did the Avengers do? They weren't actively fighting against the Utopia, they were researching how to prevent a possible, even probable Dark Phoenix. Just look at the percentage of Phoenix-possessions, that ended in a disaster. Preparing for the worst is just logical. Moreover: The Phoenix Five were establishing a dictatorship: They called all the shots, every other thought was forbidden. They weren't up for discussion, and decided everything in a black/white-matter. See Avengers Academy, were Emma Frost tried to kill a Sentinel, that was the best friend of one of the kids.

And last but not least: The Phoenix Five were extremely unstable. Namor in particular was always warhungry and the first to tip. Emma  lost control to her evil thoughts more and more. In the end, Magik seemed a bit insane from the very start, and Colossus was losing himself rapidly as well. Cyclops simply was very selfish from the beginning, and a terrible host. Even with the Avengers standing still, as soon as the world was exactly to their liking, they would've pointed that power in some other direction. And what, if they disagreed over something? What if they started to split into different fractions? If THEY fought war against each other?

The Avengers had to intervene. And the X-Men were a bit too naive to believe in something like an Utopia. Especially considering their history with the Phoenix.

cableshonor member

You are absolutely right. and in the end Cyclops gets the blame and punishment. it really comes down to cable being right at the beginning of this whole war anyways. I don't see how captain America keeps ending up not having any consequences for his actions.

JackStamper member

There's one big hole in all of this: The phoenix has NEVER been controlable, taking preactive measures isn't entirely unadvised. Plus we also get a Utopia beneath Dr. Doom and don't take it for obvious reason: We don't want a dictatorship. And Doom is at least known for being somewhat stable for a few weeks. Plus Hope needed the training she got from the Avengers. And Cyclops acted like an Extremist this whole time.