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Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #532

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #532

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The Story
CIVIL WAR TIE-IN! After rushing to the aftermath of the Stamford disaster to offer aid to its victims, Peter travels with Tony Stark to Washington DC and the White House, where the enactment of the Super Hero Registration Act appears imminent. As the Marvel Universe braces for the implications of legislation that will forever change the societal status of super heroes, Peter will have to make a very important personal decision -- one that just might be the most important decision of his life
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • UPC: 5960604716-53211
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peternorris123 member

all theyre asking is for names to be revealed in privacy to the government, not public unmasking dontvreally see what the problem is


I believe this entire story is a gun grab. Give up your guns, for the greater good. The explosion at the school is a reflection of the recent school shootings. The people running around with guns can either be heroes or villains. When someone walks into a school and shoots children, everyone that believes in the right to bear arms is to blame, because they support the law that allowed the thug to have the gun. If you want to have a gun, join the government sponsored law enforcement so they can train you and pay you. When all guns are outlawed even the would be heroes become villains. This adds more heroes to the local government sponsored crime fighters and all but stops crime, other than the would be heroes that now need to be disarmed, while the villains move to easier pickings. And in the end even the skeptics, according to the story, realize that it's the right thing to do, and give up their fight and their freedom for the greater good. It's up to the reader to decide whether real life will imitate fiction and all will end well.

mdwebs42 member

This is so wrong. Cops risk their families so why not superheroes? Cops do but more likely than not their families will be fine. A superhero's family is in an infinite amount of more danger.