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Fantastic Four (2012) #11

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The Story
The Fantastic Four…trapped in a doomed universe!Spacetime have had quite enough of the First Family of the Marvel U running rampant across her! Things are about to get cosmically punitive.Could someone or something be behind the illness that's befallen the First Family?
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • UPC: 75960607906301111
  • FOC Date: Jul 31, 2013
Cover Information

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ddavfan member

Like a lot of issues in this slow moving train wreck, it starts out okay, then again builds to toxic levels of Aren't We Smart and Clever, and (in this issue) Let's Dazzle You with some Time Travel Paradox Craziness!  Wow, obnoxious kids who  know everything, teaching  those stupid grown ups how to do it right!  What is this, another sad teenager t.v. sitcom?  Boy, did Fraction dud this series.  Precious little redemption in any part of the first 11 issues.  Just tryin' too hard.  The crap just kept on comin'.

brown338 member

Very fast response.  Thanks!

pauldegnan moderator

This issue has been fixed. Thanks for alerting us, and sorry for the delay.

thatvoiceguy member

Same here...this service has so much potential. Really a shame that the same frustrating bugs seem to happen every week. It is also a little disappointing how long it takes for these errors to be fixed. I would like to be able to read these titles when promised...or at least within 24 hours after the problem appears. Spend a few extra dollars on experts. I want to recommend this service to so many people, but I simply will not until it operates to a reasonable standard. Otherwise, I love this service. And do hope you can figure things out. I suspect it is a headache for you Marvel people, as well...so I sincerely wish you Good luck!

jmaddox40 member

stuck at loading screen...what's the deal?


Can you please fix the bug with this issue? Thanks!!

jonasdees member

Keep getting a "Loading" then a "Redirecting" and back to this page. #muResolvedBug

Mamylon member

"Added to Marvel Unlimited on" no, no it hasn't been. #MuResolvedBug

jackozord member

I'm getting the same thing. Keeps telling me I don't have a connection, when I can boot up other issues just fine.