Star-Lord: The Hollow Crown (2013) #1 Cover

Star-Lord: The Hollow Crown (2013) #1

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The Story
As a child, Peter Quill spotted a flying saucer — and it ruined his life forever!Now a withdrawn, embittered adult, Quill strives to become an astronaut — so he can return to space and take revenge!How does a fateful encounter with the Master of the Sun change his destiny — and transform him into the intergalactic policeman known as Star-Lord?And can even the newly empowered Star-Lord triumph over a sadistic group of alien slavers?Collecting material from MARVEL PREVIEW #4, MARVEL PREVIEW #11 and STAR-LORD SPECIAL EDITION.
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $7.99
  • UPC: 75960607946900111
  • FOC Date: Jun 12, 2013
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Loads fine for me. Double-page spreads are a little janky but all looks good.

Korvu member

It's not fixed.  Viewable only in "smart panels" and half the pages are missing.


Thank you @Pauldegnan for all you do for us. Always having to listen to us a complain. Appreciate you fixing the problems.

revyek plus member

Sorry, I take that back. It took a little over a minute but it did finally open. Thank you

revyek plus member

Thank you, Paul. My question is why will it still not open then?

pauldegnan moderator

This issue has been fixed. Sorry for the interruption.

Admozan member

Still broken, Marvel. Please step up here.

dthompson_w member

There needs to be a report option, as there are several broken issues and no good way to flag them.

revyek plus member

Come on marvel, it has been over a week and still no access to this book. How are we to demand Make Mine Marvel, when it seems you won't?

kab4545 member

I have checked a half dozen times and I still can't download or read. Marvel please get it fixed already.

menega member

Not working... Doubt if I will renew the subscription... Come on, Marvel!

ptv023 member

Does not work, please fix!

Korvu member

Doesn't work.  Not the first comic I've had this problem with.  I never get a response when I report it.

Really starting to doubt they care.

abelgrave member

Won't open nor downloading to my ipad, and can't read on my computer

jdcushing member

doesn't work for me either

dcespie member

Nope, doesn't work for me either. Seems like the new comment section is going to be used for bugs as there is no other "convenient" way to flag one. I wonder what happens to the comments after the bug is fixed? If people don't have an unlimited subscription, they won't buy the comic if they think something might be wrong with it.... Example... I read a few comic in the annihilation story arc where a good portion of the comics had "&&&&&&&&&" for all the dialogue on every page. I'd be super aggravated if I had just bought those!! :) Or the fact that they have story arcs highlighted above like "Infinity" but you click on it and there are no comics in it... Not sure how you would flag/comment on that...

2four2 member

Not sure if it is just my internet. But I can read this with my unlimited subscriptio. It won't work on either the app or the browser on my PC.