Rocket Raccoon: Tales from Half-World (2013) #1 Cover

Rocket Raccoon: Tales from Half-World (2013) #1

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The Story
Relive the early adventures of the furry, feisty breakout star of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!Captain of the starship Rack 'n' Ruin, chief ranger of Halfworld, Rocket protects the Keystone Quadrant!When the Toy War erupts, Rocket and his first mate Wal Russ must team with Bucky O'Hare!Can they triumph over killer clowns, defeat Lord Dyvyne and Judson Jakes, and cure Halfworld's insane population, the Loonies?Oh, and Rocket's a talking raccoon from outer space. We mentioned that, right?Collecting ROCKET RACCOON #1-4.
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $7.99
  • UPC: 75960607947600111
  • FOC Date: Aug 14, 2013
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BradSmo member

Back to not loading again.

Burritopool plus member

Finally was able to load it. Thanks for fixing the bug.

Burritopool plus member

Issue doesn't load for me.

splchief member

Paul, Thanks for taking care of it. It seems like this used to a very common problem, but it has been much improved in recent months. In the future, if a comic is repeatedly failing, what is the best way to inform Marvel Unlimited? Through the comments section?

pauldegnan moderator

This issue has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

thatvoiceguy member

Won't open on my iPad either. Have this problem, it seems, about once a week on the "new this week" comics. No other common pattern that I have noticed yet. It would seem to me that whatever you did to fix the previous comics with this problem, would work on this one, no? I'm no IT expert or anything. Just seems like common sense. It's particularly frustrating for me to sit and wait for a comic about a talking raccoon. I keep hoping that the stories with characters like this and a talking tree that can only tell you his name, (stretching my ability to suspend disbelief...beyond belief...that this short phrase, repeated over and again actually has grammatical value to ONLY the raccoon), will find a way to make me believe that these cartoony characters actually fit in the same Marvel Universe with Starlord and Quasar, etc. I know it's all make believe, but why so lazy as to use living things that we all recognize to exist on earth, instead of something truly alien? Raccoon-like, or Tree-esque? Fine. But you might as well make Rocky and Bullwinkle Avengers. Sorry, I realize my original intent was to merely comment on the loading problem, but, despite my overly candid criticism, I take no joy in negatively judging your talents. But, since you have introduced these characters into our universe... I don't desire these blatant reminders that I am reading fantasy WHILE I am reading it. It's like seeing a mic boom drift downward into the frame, even for a second, while Luke and Han are having a REAL conversation on an alien planet...a long, long time ago. I want to believe it while I am experiencing it, if I can. So, my tiny little request is that, as long as somewhat believable characters like Tony Stark, Wolverine and Galactus (my imagination is not Hopelessly narrow) exist in the same Universe as Groot and Rocket...please...either find a way to make me believe they COULD exist...somehow. Like, I don't know...get rid of "I am Groot" silliness, remove either rocket or raccoon from his name...make them feel more alien and less like something I can see in a nearby forest ON EARTH! Or...kill them off...mercifully if you must. I'm 47...Don't make me have to explain to my friends why the comics I read are legitimate and compelling literature, when they see these two characters...and laugh, believing I'm reading kids books. (Not that there is anything wrong with that).'s late and I've had little sleep. Try to read between the "grumpy" for my well intentioned criticism. Forgive the stupid-long run-on we'll as the overall length of this short note... Oh...and I have that same problem with this comic not opening. Can't remember if I mentioned it.

Beyonder76 member

Still doesn't open - using iPad w latest ios, but no issues in "regular" comic access

jdcushing member

My bet is that the problem is file size. This and the Starlord book are big (a lot of pages). But it's crazy to me that they made this free this week when no one can open it.

mezzy9ine member

Won't open on my ipad either. This happens way too often with this app

abelgrave member

So is it a Guardian of the Galaxy thing? Because I can't open Star-lord Hollow Crown and now Rocket Raccoon's back story is giving the same problem.

splchief member

This comic crashes the app

Beyonder76 member

Does not open on iPad, anyone else have same problem?

Beyonder76 member

What is the best way to report bugs incidentally?

pauldegnan moderator

@Beyonder76  Best way is to add the tag "#muBug" to these comments. The dev team is monitoring for that tag on a daily basis, and we'll get to it when we see that.