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Uncanny X-Men (2013) #26

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The Story
Scott Summers has swiftly become one of the world's most wanted men. With one simple act, he destroyed the life he knew and must now remain constantly vigilant in case of attack. But is the greatest threat to his safety lurking within the dark recesses of his own mind?
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 75960607916202611
  • FOC Date: Sep 03, 2014
Cover Information

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scr33ch member

love the reader much better then either of the old ones

feenicks007 member

I'm a huge Cyclops fan. 

My Bias acknowleged, Cyclops was RIGHT during AvX. Hope was destined to save the Mutant race using the phoenix. After that, every "hero" he's come up against has been an ass to him. Captain America was in charge of SHIELD and he ignored hate crimes against the mutants (never saw a Mutant saving shield team despite numerous active anti mutant terrorist groups) He put Cyclops in a prison with an anti mutant warden and anti mutant gangs, where Cyclops watched a newly emerged mutant get killed. Still Cap did nothing. SHIELD creates a mutant liason whose job is to watch for mutants commiting crimes, not crimes against mutants. 

   Cap blames Cyclops for the attack on Wakanda, even though he knows of Namor's demeanor and saw Namor attack. He calls Cyclops a terrorist and hunts him down, yet willing works with Namor and the Illuminati. Apparently you can only blame Cyclops. 

    Cyke is arrested for the death of Xavier, even though it was self defense (the Avengers and mutants came to kill him) yet Cap never arrests Wanda for killing thousands of Mutants on Mday. In fact he thwarts the X-men from taking her in to their custody. Wanda was mentally unbalanced, but still herself. Cyclops was enthralled by one of the most powerful entities in the universe.  He doesn't arrest Wolverine when he finds out that Wolverine killed child apocalypse. He lets Wonderman rejoin the Avengers after he attacked them after Siege. Dr. Doom has actively tried to take over the world multiple times and they won't even go after him (because of diplomatic immunity, which is what Cyclops, the leader of the nation of Utopia should also have). Quicksilver was a terrorist and he worked with the Avengers. 

    Beast continues to look down his nose at Cyclops, yet he works with the illuminati to destroy other planets. Granted it's for self preservation (just like saving the entire mutant race was) but it's still an incredibly evil act that he does in the shadows. He's made the hard decisions and he's been able to share that responsibility with others, Cyke had to shoulder it on his own. Beast should be smart enough to see past his ego and realize that Scott lived that way for years, while he's only been doing it for a short while and seeing how hard it is. 

     Iceman pisses me off the most though. Twice he goads Cyclops by throwing Xavier's death in his face. Why hasn't anyone asked him how many people he killed when he froze all of New york and terrorized his exes? Seriously? Both of them were possessed by an incredible otherworldly power, both of them caused harm to people they loved, but they're treated diffferently. Bobby is forgiven, despite the fact that he targeted the people he loved and he went completely evil. Cyclops is treated worse than the majority of villains and he controlled the power and brought peace to the world, he continued to show restraint while goaded by the avengers and only went evil once all the power of the phoenix was his and was fighting for his life against heroes who were fighting against a change to the status Quo. They fought harder against Cyclops, a man who fought beside them many times, than they fought against Osborn during Siege. 

     In the end he keeps getting dumped on, despite having the religously zealous faith to save the entire mutant faith. No one thanks him for saving mutants. Wanda killed off the mutants with a few words and is still loved and accepted, Iceman freezes New York, terrorizes loved ones is still loved and accepted. Wolverine kills 6 of his own children and countless others in blind rages and he's the beloved headmaster of a school filled with mutants (thanks to Cyke), but Cyclops sends his child into the future once more with the Hope of mutantkind and dedicates himself to saving the few remaining mutants in the world, succeeds against everything that thrown against him, including Osborn's Xmen and Avengers during siege, the Skrulls,  bastion and his minions, and a time traveling Bishop, has the faith to stay the course and is ultimately proved right by the reignition of the mutant race, is hated and despised because he killed Xavier in self defense while trying to keep his uber powerful Psychic girlfriend from using her portion of the Phoenix to destroy the world...

Marvel, he deserves redemption.

fonosc0pe member

I agree 100% with what you said there. Cyclops is one of my favorite characters in the MU and they are really making him look like an @$$. He did kill professor x and that sucks but HE was being controlled by the phoenix, Its obvious! I hate that everyone is treating him so terribly especially when characters like scarlet witch get a free pass. I mean she single handedly took out 99% of the mutant race but oh "she was unstable" and it's all good. I just don't get it, such a great character getting a bad treatment for no reason. Kind of like what they're doing with namor rn( I use marvel unlimited so by now I mean 6 months ago) making him out to be "the bad guy". Marvel needs to fix this!


Chris Bachalo is not an artist of this issue. It is Kris Anka.