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Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #23

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The Story
THE LAST DAYS OF MIDGARD Part Five - Thor's war to save the earth comes to its epic conclusion. In the far future, King Thor makes a dark decision that may save the day, but at what cost? - And in present-day Broxton, Oklahoma, Thor makes a final stand against the forces of ROXXON, but not even a god can save everyone.
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 75960607913102311
  • FOC Date: May 26, 2014
Cover Information

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da_skeptic member

I love you jack stamper... You've nailed these reviews. I do love that at least this is a very new type of Thor story

JackStamper member

Yeah...the Minotaur completely blew it last issue by revealing his plan. But he kinda saved his ass by turning back in time for the authorities to arrive. But...that actually helped making the climax very underwhelming. I mean...what happened? They fought, Thor won without too much difficulty against two powerhouses, and...well, that's it. Broxton still is doomed, though, and Roxxon apparently still in action. Also Thor apparently still doomed mankind, and will doom the entire galaxy in the future by killing Galactus.

Yeah, that future-battle. I said in a previous commentary I got to the point of not caring and...it actually slowly  turns into getting annoyed by it again. By all means, the story was completely unnecessary. It shows a stubborn Thor protecting a giant rock formerly called earth against a cosmic force, even going so far as to using forbidden, dark weapons and dooming all existence (including earth, mind you). He risks the live of his grandchildren, and we throw in the death of Toothgnasher as well, together with a completely ridiculous "Oh, his blood makes the plants grow again"-ending.

This story started somewhat mediocre, got quite good in the middle, with the great trap of the Minotaur, and then plunged into...yeah, I'd say, a bad ending. Not a fan, I'm afraid.