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Wolverine & the X-Men (2014) #5

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The Story
- Wolverine's at the mercy of the Phoenix Corporation while Storm races to save the Jean Grey School! - Only Evan can save Fantomex from death â€" but dare he? - Latour and Asrar continue the smash hit of All New Marvel now!
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 75960607980300511
  • FOC Date: Jun 04, 2014
Cover Information

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JackStamper member

It's still slightly confusing, but we are dealing with time travel, the Phoenix, Apocalypse and little Creatures that warp themselves and others from place to place. Keeping track is a bit difficult.

So, Doop got bamfed away, somehow in the middle of a chase between a truck driver and Ninja motorbike-riders. I...guess, judging by what we see (We only see the end result). The truck driver blames the one ordering the Bamfs to bamf Doop there, and somehow completely trusts our little flying snotball, giving him the keys to his bike, so Doop can ride it (and a tiger, somehow) back to the school, rescue the kids and make a blanket out of that John-Guys beard. And yes, this is crazy, but then again: This is Doop. This practically happens to him every second Sunday. And it is hilarious!

Cut to the fight in the school, where no one is thinking about turning in Evan right now. Great! They don't know, where he is, but everyone is doing his thing to kick that guy out of the school, including Nature Girl. And after his arm got ripped off, he got shot, trampled by birds and other animals and some other stuff, he stands up, ready to fight back...only for Storm to arrive and start the real fight.

Meanwhile Quentin Quire returns and explains the gaping hole in the story of the others: Apocalypse can't both be killed by him in the future and destroy the world some years later at the same time! Either one of these events is a lie, or it was the Phoenix who destroyed the world after all. So he takes that pretty kid telling this stuff (I'm...kinda bad with names) to the time machine, so he can show him, what really happened. Cyclops even managed to give Wolverine some good advice, what the heck happened to the world, that I just read a couple of comics with him depicted as somewhat logical instead of the rambling idiot terrorist he was these last years?

Ok, then a loyal Bamf gets to Wolverine, bamfs him to the school ground next to Storms fight, jumps of and bamfs Idie to the time machine. Wolverine somehow still manages to get to the machine, before Idie managed to step inside, but is unable to stop her.

Well...I need to get a Flowchart for the next issue, seeing as we possibly now even have actions in different timelines, but overall: A very interesting and good chapter! Can't wait to see, where this'll go!