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She-Hulk (2014) #1

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The Story
JENNIFER WALTERS IS…THE SHE-HULK! A stalwart Avenger, valued member of the FF, savior of the world on more than one occasion, she's also a killer attorney with a pile of degrees and professional respect. A 7-foot-tall drink of cool, emerald water, she's tough enough to knock out Galactus with one punch (possibly?) and has a heart bigger than the moon. But juggling cases and kicking bad guy butt is starting to be a little more complicated than she anticipated. With a new practice, a new paralegal and a mounting number of super villains she's racking up as personal enemies, She Hulk might have bitten off a little more than she can chew…but she just calls that that Tuesday.
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • UPC: 75960607996400111
  • FOC Date: Jan 29, 2014
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JackStamper member

The story is amazing, the art is different, sure, but not bad. Though it doesn't really look like a Superhero-Mag, but then again, it doesn't have to: The Super-Hero-Antics were a small part of the story. This is more a behind the scenes-view about Jennifers worklife, it shows the heroes on a more human level. If the story gets more super-hero-y...yeah, then the artstyle could become a problem.


She looks like a child drew her... looks terrible I can't even get into the story. 

thatvoiceguy member

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I picked this up yesterday at my local shop & I must confess I love the storyline but the art was just so much of a eye sore that I wont be able to read this series. Im a big she hulk fan but the art work was a big let down I'm sorry guys but i just had to vent out of hopes that somehow this message got through to one of the top guns in marvel who can hopefully save this series.




@whynotmeever I agree so much.. I really hate this artist. It's a huge eye sore. But I've been a She-Hulk fanatic since I was a little kid, so I will keep buying and pray a new artist gets hired lol. Or at least a good guest artist here and there.