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Uncanny Avengers #23

Uncanny Avengers (2012) #23

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The Story
Uncanny Avengers reunited! The threat of Kang is over, but what are the repercussions? Meet the new faces of the Marvel Universe!
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 75960607826402311
  • FOC Date: Aug 13, 2014
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Really not feeling the art in this issue, it kinda looked like it tried to keep the same aesthetic but looked scratchy and some characters had weird faces and head tilts in some panels.

JackStamper member

Yeah...Rogues behavior is a bit out of place. It's nothing new to her, especially, since she just had EVERY heroes thoughts in her head and, though shaken, managed to hold on. Now she  can't even manage one friend in her head? Granted, that is hard, but she managed harder.

Also: Super Human concentration camps. Quite...tasteless, and also: How would this work?

Besides that, this ending was great, a few things changed (Cap especially off-panel in his own story - though I can imagine this confusing so many people who didn't read his story), some other things can be rescued. Though...it seems not in the same way: He tells them, when to conceive to get their child back. Which I can imagine isn't quite enough, because the date might give them the right egg-cell, but what sperm reaches it is dependent on so many factors, Immortus also has to give them a sheet detailing everything else they have to do on that evening...but okay, let's stay easy and say, the date is all that's important.

CStr3ngth member

Whats being done to Rogue is horrible. 

1. The hissy fit she has in here is way out of character. She hasn't been this immature in 20+ years.

2. Someone stuck in her head again....this makes her blow her stack?!? It's happened before, it will happen again, it happens with her all the time. This isn't a good enough cause to make go crazy-pants, when she has dealt with deeper problems than this while being mature.

3. I'd like to point out that in any depiction of Scarlet Witch and Rogue interacting: Rogue would be the mature and understanding one in the picture.


I liked the overall storyline of Uncanny Avengers quite a bit.

This latest issue left a sour note for me for one simple reason: what's being done with Rogue. It's undoing too much of the great character growth she's enjoyed the past several years, especially during X-Men Legacy. Some elements here could have been really cool, but this almost a retcon. Bad. 

I'm not new to comics, I remember when Rogue first joined the X-Men, and Rogue is my favorite Marvel character. I am quite familiar with her history.

For the sake of avoiding spoilers I won't go into details. Suffice it to say that I finally signed up for an account at the official Marvel site just so I could write this, that's how much I hate where this looks to be going.


That was a long time spent on Kang. I don't follow this series, but a friend does and I've read up to issue 15. Perhaps this is the jumping in point I needed.