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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #10

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #10

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The Story
Spider-Man versus The Big Man and The Enforcers!
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  • Format: Comic
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Grinnar member

Fun fact, the Enforcers were used by The Goblin in Spiderman Noir. :D

gwines member

#10 - 3/10/1964: *****; read 10/1/2014; Spider-Man versus The Big Man and The Enforcers!; The Big Man takes control of the crime syndicate in the city, with The Enforcers as his henchmen.; The Enforcers: Fancy Dan (the small one and a master of Judo), The Ox (the big one), Montana; Peter gives Aunt May a blood transfusion in the hospital; Betty Brant took out a loan with a loan shark, and she leaves town with no explanation; Frederick Foswell - writer for the Daily Bugle, is the secret identity of The Big Man; reference to Peter Rabbit; Peter thinks Jameson is the Big Man; Jameson reveals why he hates Spider-Man: he's selfless while Jameson only cares about making money, and so Jameson can't respect himself, and he's jealous of Spidey

JackStamper member

This issue shows, that you don't need a colorful villain to write a great action piece. Too bad we can't have a grounded adventure with enemies like the Enforcers nowadays...

silverindigo4 member