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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #12

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #12

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The Story
In a daring battle against Dr. Octopus, Spider-Man is unmasked in broad daylight!
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  • Format: Comic
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gwines member

#12 - 5/10/1964: ****; read 10/10/2014; "Unmasked by Dr. Octopus!"; In a daring battle against Dr. Octopus, Spider-Man is unmasked in broad daylight!; Dr. Octopus takes Betty Brant hostage, as bait for Spidey; Peter gets the twenty-four hour virus and is defeated by Doc Ock; Octopus, Betty, Jameson and Peter's classmates find out Spider-Man's secret identity, but they think Peter was impersonating Spidey; Liz Allen suddenly breaks up with Flash Thompson, and likes Peter; Dr. Octopus sets dangerous animals free at the zoo; Doc Ock gets arrested again; reference to Billy Graham, Florence Nightingale

kgoetz144 member

smart panel on these early spider mags is god awful

silverindigo4 member

  • The unmasking is referred to in a flashback of Sensational Spider-Man #28
  • The unmasking is shown in a flashback in Amazing Spider-Man #87
  • On Page 14, Panel 5, in an effort to attract Spider-Man, Dr. Octopus tips over a sign advertising Leedit, Inc. This is an obvious nod to Spider-Man creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (the KO still sounds like CO, and if you're referring to companies, a synonom for CO is Inc.)
  • It's ironic how immediatley after Peter makes a joke about talking to Flash using 1 syllable words, Liz says the next sentence to Flash using nothing but one syllable words!