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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #18

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #18

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The Story
Can Spidey live down the shameful events of his last encounter with the Green Goblin? And what does Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four have to say to Spider-Man?
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gwines member

#18 - 11/10/1964; ****; read 1/4/2015; "The End of Spider-Man!"; Can Spidey live down the shameful events of his last encounter with the Green Goblin? And what does Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four have to say to Spider-Man?;  Why does Spidey cringe in helpless fear as the evil Sandman stalks the city's streets?; Peter sees Betty Brant going out with another guy.; Guests: Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, The Vulture, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Daredevil; Aunt May, Flash Thompson, Liz Allan, J. Jonah Jameson; reference to Peter Sellers, Electro, Mysterio, Khrushchev, Dr. Doom

JackStamper member

This story is just amazing. Reading these early Silver Age stories, there were hardly any multiple parters or even plot points carried over from previous issues, let alone whole issues, where the action continues from a previous issue and isn't resolved at the end. Heck, just an issue without a clear enemy is very unusual

This issue however continues the plot from the previous issue: Peter had to abandon a fight with the Green Goblin after overhearing Aunt May collapsing, and now he's struggling to earn money for her medicine, without being able to leave her side for very long. Everyone mocks Spiderman for turning into a coward, especially after the Sandman attacked him as well during the one time he actually dons his costume (to sell his web formula). We see his relationship with Betty Brant falling apart, how Flash Thompson stands up for Spiderman, how Peter is torn apart by all his responsibilities...until he throws away Spidermans costume near the end. Then the twist: Aunt May berates Peter for being so fearful, telling her she won't quit so fast, because she's a Parker. And after the Doctor agrees her condition got better, Peter has a change of heart, takes his costume back out of the thrash and becomes Spiderman again!

The End.

And yes - this comic ends just there - where it has to. This story had no enemy, it's only the second act of this bigger story. The fights and all the resolutions should be in the Third act - and Stan and Steve set it up perfect, so they have a whole comic for that.

Great issue, though reading #17 should be advised before reading #18...and, of course, the trilogy wouldn't be perfect without reading #19 right afterwards.

silverindigo4 member

silverindigo4 member

  • Anna May Watson is mistakenly called Watkins in this issue.