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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #22

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #22

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The Story
Spider-Man deals justice to the Crafty Clown and his Masters of Menace!
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Elrast plus member

Honestly I think that Princess Python was the most intelligent of the group, and would have made just as good of a leader as the Clown. She was even the one who suggested him for leadership. So much 60s sexism in this issue.

JackStamper member

Okay, this is classical Spiderman-Action! Spidey fighting against a group of "normal" people with some gimmicks, working on the street level and through some character stuff on the way. He actually gets his secret identity right as well this time! Sitting through a robbery, because he can't change in front of the others, waiting until he got Betty home and is on his "free time" to change into Spidey and get into action. Another plus: He finally befriends Betty Brant again, after they cleared up the misunderstanding a bit earlier...and he even had the cleverness to not go with Liz Allen, because Betty might see them. Kudos, Peter, you made a lot of things right this issue!

So let's get to his flaw: His inability to attack Princess Python. I get it, it's the sixties, and even today it's morally ambigous if superheros should punch women just as much as men, but...why? They're villains! It's stupid to not treat men like women, especially in situations like that. That's not to say, he should bash her on the head like he did with the Human Cannonball, he should attack appropriately to the threat they pose. But not attacking at all, just because she's a women isn't chivalry, it's idiotic and actually quite sexist. And even if you say: "Well, she didn't attack him, so him getting violent would be bad no matter her gender: He has webshooters! No need in punching her, when he could trap her, until the police arrives! And he only remembers to use them, after she cornered him with her body and started to yell and swing an electric prod. Spidey, this one is your fault. Luckily, you were able to rescue this mission.

The Ringmaster was the, as TV Tropes puts it, "Butt Monkey" of this story. Pushed around by Spidey, kicked out of the team, hypnotized by Spidey, and once he finally gets to the action and manages to do something successfully (knocking out the Clown and grabbing the loot), he only manages to make himself guilty at the last minute, right before the police arrives and throws him into jail again. Sorry Ringo, this universe seems to hate you...

Overall a great comic!