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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #23

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #23

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The Story
What happens when Spidey runs out of web fluid and the Green Goblin empties his bag of tricks? Find out here!
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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Now this is a fun issue! And we can easily see, that the Green Goblin, no matter his cleverness, still is an Amateur at this state. He wants to become the biggest (meaning only) mob boss of New York, and as his first victim, he chose Lucky Lobo. Spider-Man pretty much only followed the Goblin two steps behind, guessing his plans, while the Goblin flung Spidey into the Mob-Bosses hands, so they may fight each other a bit.

After Spidey learns of his plans from Lobo (and caught the whole gang), he tackles the Goblin, but their fight ends in a draw, since both fighters depend on their gadgets (concussion bombs and spider-web, respectively), and ran out of them after a while. But even though the Goblin got away, his plan backfired in a hilarious way: Instead of wrecking Lobos Gang enough to take it over, it got taken in by the police COMPLETELY, with no one left for him to command. And that's where his inexperience shows itself. If he had thought about this possibility, he might have taken 2-3 places from the list he gave the police, so part of Lobos empire would survive. But now? Well...you win some, you lose some.

Peter definitely won enough this time. He manages to keep his aunt in better mood this time, Betty likes him (even though she accidentally gave him some doubts), Spider-Man is not hunted this issue, he nearly defeated the Goblin...he missed his chance to get some pictures, though, and he somehow has a bad feeling about the future. Well, hopefully this doesn't grow into a full-blown psychosis or so. But he's strong enough mentally to avoid that.

In the next issue: "Spider-Man Goes Mad!"

Uh...okay. Well...this issue was really good, though.