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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #26

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #26

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  • Format: Comic
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rodolfofariasjr member

Even though Spider-Man's mask is sealed on from the neck, it's still made of cheap costume material. You'd think Green Goblin would be able to just tear it. I've accidentally torn masks just by pulling them on too tightly haha

JackStamper member

These are some of the finest Spider-Man stories of the Silver Age: The ones, where he goes against down-to-earth-enemies, normal crime bosses without powers, at most certain technical gimmicks or martial arts. Coincidentally, this is also the kind of environment the Green Goblin works best in!

Spidey still has to deal with mundane problems: He lost both his normal and his reserve-costume, and can't find both of them. He gets a clue as to where the one he lost to JJJ is, but for now, he has to make due with a costume from the costume shop...a costume, that slips from his arms and legs all the time, so he has to fix it with his webbing. This actually saves him, because that way the Green Goblin can't pull the mask of him, once he is unconscious!

We also get a lot of different plot-threads: The new enemy, the crime-master, and how he gets all the other crimelords into place, the Green Goblin, who was betrayed by him and seeks vengeance, Frederick Foswell and the secret of his double life, a stoolie named Patch, the police, and Spideys investigations...and everything comes together at one place at the end of the issue, setting up a lot for the next issue, when everything collides with each other!

These 2-3 issues-stories really help to make excellent stories, but also leave room for his school and lovelife to develop. When they get blown up to 4-6 issues, they start to drag, but this length? Absolutely worth it!