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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #27

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #27

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

This comic is an odd one, but not in a bad way. Basically, the story with the Goblin and the crime master is a one and a half-parter, and so it's basically over halfway through this issue. Spider-Man frees himself, three cops get a bit overconfident and storm the entire crime convention, Spidey and the three hold up the gangster long enough for more cops to arrive and nab them all...besides the Goblin and the Crimemaster.

After Spidey losses the CM in the sewers, he has half an issue to wrap things up, so...we looking at a lot of things with all the time we have. He looks after Foswell, claims, he's the Crime Master, gets proven wrong hard, and leaves with the suspicion, he might be the Goblin instead. The CM is dead and nobody, we knew before, conveniently dying before revealing the Goblins identity. Spidey now retrieves his camera, and for a page we get a little detour, since his camera is gone, and someone else is there...though it's just some kids, who conveniently have the camera. And give it back without a hitch. Ok...seems the story was way too short.

In the end he gets home early to search for his costume and finds nothing. Ending with him stitching...oh wait, we need another page! Okay, then Aunt May isn't at the Watsons, she just took a walk, and Peter, feeling bad for his aunt, takes her out to see a movie. Yeah, that ought to fill the place. And don't get me wrong: It's a nice character moment, and obviously the right idea to fill this space.

So, let's finish up with the two secrets, okay? Foswell was Patch the whole time! Well...okay, one could deduce that quite easily, but still, nice to know. And Goblin still isn't uncovered, but we might have a meta-clue: The theme behind the Crime Master was: In the end, it's someone we didn't even knew. So, maybe even the Goblin is someone, at least not introduced yet...Well, maybe he won't be introduced for quite a while: He swears to lay low for now.