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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #28

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #28

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JackStamper member

The Molten Man is...not that original a villain. While retrieving his costume from Smythe, Peter witnesses a colleague of him snatching the prototype for a liquid metal alloy...and promptly letting it fall all over him, covering his body and transforming him into "Guy with superhuman strength, steal-skin variant number 15" He has a little run in the city, before he goes back home and is confronted by Spider-Man. It's important to notice, that the Molten Man doesn't even manage to leave his own house after Spider-Man catches him: They fight, Spider-Man tanks a few punches, they land in the cellar, Spidey understands he can't beat him in strength, so he destroys the lightbulb and uses his intellect and speed to trap him in a few extra-thick web-handcuffs. And...it's over.

The more important thing here is Peters graduation. It's not been foreshadowed, but it seemed like a nice time to get him further down the road and on to the university. But this also means some bigger changes on the sidelines! Obviously not everyone he knows from school can follow him to the next level - Flash Thompson only manages to get there through a sports scholarship, while Peter gets the academic one. Liz Allen, most prominently (and accidentally referred to as "Liz Hilton"), leaves his life for now, just following her sudden confession towards him. But obviously this also means: New characters are just on the horizon. And with all due respect to Liz: They will leave a much bigger impact on Peters life than she'll ever manage.