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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #29

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #29

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JackStamper member

A great issue! They really want to bury the Betty Brant-subplot by now, getting Ned Leeds back and letting him appear in a favorable light next to Betty. Of course, back in the day, there was more to his reappearance. Remember: We don't know, who the Green Goblin is by now. And one can easily come to the conclusion: It's Ned. Being away for large periods of time, and kinda an enemy (well, more antagonist) for Peter in real life. In fact, I've read a nice conclusion by someone, that Ned probably was the one Ditko perceived as the Green Goblin, before Stan solved the mystery in the first issue he had to write without him. But that's speculation...

Next to some great fighting here, and a nice bit of humor (my favorite: Page 10, where Ned advises Spiderman to watch the Scorpions tale. A very unuseful advice, since Spidey already fought him and knows that...but it enrages him so much, that he actually DOES forget the tail, prompting Ned to repeat his advice), but it really scores in it's worldbuilding: We have TWO future adventures teased in here, with JJJ asking both about the cat burglar, and the theft of scientific equipment. And at the end, aunt May has a dizzy spell...if you're not hooked on what comes in the future after all this, I'm feeling sad for you.

Unless you're already tired of the reuse of "May is sick", then...okay, better stop now. There's lots more of that in the future.