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Asm #31

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #31

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  • Format: Comic
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Grinnar member

Weird, the cover image doesn't appear for me.

JackStamper member

We're finally at a point, where we don't need to hrow in a super-powered menace anymore, and just let the story speak for itself. And there is enough to get invested in! It's Peters first day at Empire State, and it's here he first meets Gwen Stacy and Harry Osbourn! Though...meeting is a bit exagerated: Thanks to his aunt getting ill, he barely notices, what happens around him. Add the need for paying both her hospital bills and the normal ones to that. Plus a dull week in the world of crimes (and therefor little chance for earning money. Although...he might be too distracted to think about it, but he may get at least a little bit for further pictures of Spiderman.

His colleagues at ESU show all the respect Stan has for young people, and immediately judge him as snooty, when he seems distarcted and always in a rush. Harry Osbourn is quick to write him off, Gwen Stacy constantly thinks him as rude, but tries to get in touch with him anyway - mostly, because he rejected her, and she likes a challenge. Erm...well, okay.

Oh, and there is a little bit going on with the goons of the Master Planner. Spidey puts up a nice fight, but these guys were prepared, and the Master Planner thought of most of the details. And even though Spidermans appearance was unexpected, he had a way of getting the robbery done anyway. Spiderman learned from the first encounter, but only enough to prevent the next robbery, not nab even one of the goons...It's not his week up to now. Oh, and Aunt May is going to die, according to the doctors. Well...okay, we're also at a point, where this doesn't really seem that new anymore...and yes, I'm one of the guys, who says: Then just let her die already (she had a beautiful death during the clone saga...)