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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #33

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The Story
A beaten, bruised and nearly broken Spider-Man overcomes all obstacles in his way, pushing past all known limits to survive and fight another day.
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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper where are you? Been reading all your reviews for this series since I started it along with the start of Avengers up to Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch joining. Looks like I just got ahead of you. What other series are you reading?

Potential Spoilers:

For this comic we finally see Spider-man have to push himself to his limit and after days(?) of not getting rest because of his Aunt. How long will we have to go until another sick Aunt May arc? Is this finally the end of Betty Brant and Peter? It's been beaten to death in the last couple issues that Betty just won't fit into Peter's life. So I get it, they truly aren't meant for each other. Hopefully next issue we can move on from here. Also what is with the serum curing Peter's sample of his own radioactive blood? It's used on Aunt May, yet I'm surprised there is nothing not even a remark by Peter about how this serum could turn him back into a normal person. Could it? Why wouldn't he ponder this? Apparently he loves Betty so much but this doesn't pop into his head that it could return him to a normal life where he could be with her. Found this obvious angle missing and was dumbfounded by it's omission. Will it pop up again in a future issue?

LocalMan member

This is a classic issue, and was listed as one of the top 75 moments in Marvel Comics history.