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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #43

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  • Format: Comic
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krystallkitty member

haha well I get why they call weed Mary Jane now. she's a stoner hippie chika lol

pgw78 member

Daredevil hears there's a villain on the loose, but it's someone Spider-Man fought before, so Spidey gets dibs and DD has to sit the fight out. Well, that explains a lot. Super hero professional courtesy: more important than doing whatever it takes (including working together) to stop a rampaging villain. A decade after this issue was published, a retcon would reveal that MJ knew Peter's secret identity at this point. She certainly seems to act like it here. Interesting to see how the rhino was defeated. Every other appearance of his I've seen (in the comics as well as other media) says it's impossible. I wonder if the bathroom humor was intentional. Jameson says to award Peter a key to the washroom with his initials on it. What are Peter's initials? PP.