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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #49

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Grantosium member

Kraven fights the new Vulture while Peter is at home with flu. Parker decides he needs to break up the fight so that the city doesn't get trashed by the two warring villains. As Spidey, Peter tracks them to a hunting exhibit that resembles Kraven's home territory and actually doesn't look likely to sustain much damage from the fight. Additionally Kraven has seemingly prepared the area with a net to prevent Vulture's escape, which would further limit the possible damage the fight could do.

Rather than wait for the two villains to wear each other out while he takes photos and then finish off whoever is still standing, as soon as the camera is set up Petey-o announces his presence to the villains. After a three-way fight featuring the typical-of-the-era random use of the word Judo (a martial art revolving almost exclusively around throws and holds) to punctuate a straight punch to Kraven's face the two villains decide to work together against Spidey. The co-operation between the antagonists lasts 2 panels before Kraven accidentally zaps Vulture, leaving him downed for the remainder of the book, and Spidey finishes Kraven very quickly after that.

At one point I thought this issue was going somewhere and raising the bar for what is to come with the famous issue #50 I've heard so much about, so it was disappointing that it kind of fizzles and dies pretty quickly and inconsequentially at the end.

However, John Romita's art is getting better every issue! It's hard to believe how much change to the presentation style there had been over the first 5 years of Spider-Man.